Purpose (Muslimin)

Bismillah Rahmanir Raheem. Have you ever felt like things are not going as you expect, Have you ever said to yourself "maybe Allah (SWT) is not listening to my prayers". Well, if u have! What you need to do is: Check yourself: Perhaps your not praying for the right things "maybe your prayer is coming… Continue reading Purpose (Muslimin)


My uncle was a humble and honest man, "one of the good ones" you might add. His moral compass was like no other and he lived his life on a principle, "to do no evil and to always be grateful for what you have". He was a mentor and confidant to most and a friend to all,… Continue reading COMMIT

Finding Myself S01E06

The tides was soon to change when the University of Lagos cleared and approved my CEG405 (Soil Engineering) result and I was finally eligible to Graduate and go for National Youth Service Corp (NYSC). "You're probably wondering what the hassle is all about, why was my result not cleared and and why did the school… Continue reading Finding Myself S01E06

Give a Donation

So I realised blogging is not cheap even with a free wordpress.com website. Though producing original content may be a free gift from God, but it still requires Internet to be edited and posted online, also Internet is required for research and creating awareness for the blog. Like most African countries Internet Service in Nigeria… Continue reading Give a Donation

A Night to Remember

The rain that fell yesterday night was both Junoesque and Enigmatic, (and like a stormy rain the weather was cold and breezy) The breeze from the rain took me back to a time in the past when we were together, (a time when we were happy) The cold from the rain brought back memories, (memories… Continue reading A Night to Remember