Inspired by XO

At the end of today, the countdown for the new year 2020 would have officially begun 365 of 366. And just like years past, we have yet another 365 days +1 to make new choices, forge different paths, identify cracks and fill up said cracks, follow through on that which weighs heavily on our hearts… Continue reading Inspired by XO

Learning New Things

So I prayed about it, and most importantly I believe that God will intervene... Recently, I have had to learn the hard way that I am not perfect, this world sucks, and life can really hurt sometimes. Recently, I also took up reading. One thing I learnt from the books I read is that in… Continue reading Learning New Things


Entering a New Year is like reading a new book, and just like reading a new book, you never really know what to expect from today or the day after. The start of a New Year emblematize the hope that today represents, And the promise that tomorrow holds. Just like flipping through the pages of… Continue reading 2019

Her Favourite Spot

Woke up sweating from a dream with a different kind of feeling, All day long my heart was beating searching for the meaning, I'm still in confusion, dazed as to what had happened earlier, "the argument we had fills me with a certain fear that this time she's not coming back". Redemption on my mind… Continue reading Her Favourite Spot

Lost Star

It's hot outside I am sweating profusely My body starts to ache again I must have been working out too much One might say I was working it out Exuding emotions from all the pressure I have been getting It sure feels like the weight of the world on my shoulders I called my girl… Continue reading Lost Star

Men, Women & Standards

In a world where every one, man and woman is constantly looking for a way to move up in life, either through Hard-Work🛠 or good old fashion Marriage👫, you may stop to wonder why a man would rather settle for a woman who is not exactly say on the same socio-economic standard as him. Three… Continue reading Men, Women & Standards

About Life.

Every time it seems like I have just crossed Mount Everest, I am being faced with a new and different challenge. I thought they said life can only get better... ...will life ever give me a breather? ***** I didn't know I was thinking out loud when my mom replied; She said to me, Life… Continue reading About Life.

Crew Love v2.0

No one in my generation talks about their feelings. We'll tell a million online strangers how we feel about a billion different things, but when it comes to actual face-to-face interactions, we're lost. Because whether we'd like to admit it or not, there's nothing scarier than confronting intimacy in person. - Grownish S01E12 So, what… Continue reading Crew Love v2.0

My Valentine

A man with lots of baggage I am, yet with just a simple smile and a warm reception, you are able to fire up my engines and activate my happy mood. A distraction you are, a distraction from all that I have set out to do, yet in your absence I am distracted. Most times… Continue reading My Valentine

Birthday Letter to Mother

To Mom: My Mother, My Sentinel, My Mother, My Provider, My Mother, My Queen, My Mother, My Everything. All the times I have tried to write about you, I am unable to, not because there is nothing to write about, but because writing a one (1) page or ten (10) pages story about you wouldn't do… Continue reading Birthday Letter to Mother