Growing up! I was handed everything I wanted on a platter of gold. As a result, I think that made me Complacent, Proud and Selfish.

I grew up in a Big family with lots of boy and girl children. I am number 11th in my family, I have four (4) elder brothers and seven (7) elder sister, my elder brothers weren’t always around, so I was mostly surrounded with the company of my elder sisters, their friends and my younger ones. My sisters and their friends treated me different, they would buy me nice things, take me out on several occasions to the cinema, to the beach etc., to the point that I started to feel like I was too special and important. “They spoilt me? naah, I let myself get spoilt!!”

I grew up thinking I was royalty and I would get angry and upset when I get turn down or when I am not treated special or important enough. I have a screwed up a number of my past relationship as a result.

I tried on several occasions to give up this truculent behaviour, but every time I try, I fail and tend to fall back to my wanton ways, “it’s almost as if this fiendish habit was sown under the sleeve of my skin and it won’t let go”

I had accepted that being single would be my portion, because it seemed like there was no way I could ever find someone who would accommodate me and my flaws “even I wouldn’t accommodate me”, until I met you (my radiant). You were patient and understanding, you took the time out to get to know me and you were accommodating of my flaws. “You’ve showed me that even the worst stallion’s can be tamed”

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6 thoughts on “PORTION”

  1. Haaaaa..
    well it’s always difficult to change your attitude to adapt a different personality And step out of the comfort of who you know yourself to be…,

    But selfishness.. and being overly conceited.. can be more unhealthy for you than not..
    as you pointed out. You have lost a few friends because of it ..

    U can only be you..
    but as long as you know what you’re doing wrong you have the choice of correcting and trying to change you and your known behavior…

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