In the Past
Everyone laughed at me, they said who and what does he depend on that makes him walk round town like he his untouchable,

Everyone berated me, they said that I should go play with my imaginary friends,

Everyone mocked me, they said who does he think he is acting so bright, western and different from everyone else,

Everyone ridiculed me, they said even after all his hard work and dedication he is no better than us.

Everyone congratulates me, they say my life is a success story amidst all the hate and execration,

Everyone compliments me, they say they wish they could be me.

Do not fear it because it is unimaginable and alien, and also because it seems unattainable and hellacious doesn’t mean that you give up! Believe in yourself and continue to give 100% of everything you have!! There is light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Copyright Β© 2017 by bowaleXO.
All Rights Reserved.


27 thoughts on “IMAGINARY”

  1. Because you imagined success, you pursued success and you attained success. And everyone who never imagined that now felicitates and congratulates… Such is life. Great post with moral lessons. Thank you for sharing. Keep writing. πŸ™‚

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