Cravings 3

Mystery Lady: Engaged? no I’m not! Well, if you must know, I only put on an engagement ring whenever I want to scare off guys or whenever I have to treat a potential client out to a restaurant or a bar just like the other day, so the clients does not get any funny ideas😏 …Ohh, I see what’s going on here!!!

Me: well dear, I don’t scare easy and whatever you think is going on is exactly what is going on …So, what are we going to  do about it?

Mystery Lady: you my friend is very forward

Me: I get that a lot, how about dinner tonight, Zigges 8pm!!

Mystery Lady: hmmmm

Me: *interrupts abruptly* see you tonight gorgeous!!!

…*walks away*


…Zigges Bar, 8pm

Theme song: The Weeknd – Earned It

She showed up and my oh my she was dressed for the occasion, “picture Kim Kardashian’s bod, Amber rose’s face and Beyoncé’s fashion style all wrapped up in one”, I was in for one hell of a dinner.

Dinner was rather short!! She was less enthusiastic about getting to know me or my attempts at cajoling her; why don’t we take this date back to your place she said, “o_O, I guess she is just as hot for me as I am for her after all”.

Took her back to my place, one thing lead to another and we ended up having relations …Okay okay!! Picture this, “we were like two people who were forced into celibacy for more than ten (10) years, and was finally granted one conjugal visit due to good behaviour, It was EPIC”.

“I think I’m in love…”

I woke up to an empty bed in the morning!! Sad but hopeful, then I realised I was so consumed by my needs that I failed to get her name or her number, and she didn’t bother to leave a note on her way out.

I never saw her again, I checked for her at the café essense maybe she would run by again, at Zigges bar and at the Fish Inn Harbour Lane; her running route, I even visited the bar we first met every night for more than 2 months, but she was gone and she was out of my life for good.

The sad thing is that I could have giving it all up for her, “the drinking, the partying and the girls”, I would have giving it all up to be with her.

On the other hand, I have been getting this strange feeling lately, like I have been used and dumped.

The End!!!


Copyright © 2017 by bowaleXO.
All Rights Reserved.



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