Finding Myself S01E11

She said to me, “bowaleXO! when the time is right, you will need to find yourself a woman who will love you more than you love her, and who will be willing to do almost anything for you”, when I asked why, she continued by saying “so you can grow to love her just as much as she loves you”, since men are like children they are always growing and always learning. And then she said, “if you fall in love with a woman who doesn’t love you half as much as you love her, you might end up chasing shadows for the rest of your life”, because no matter how much you love her and no matter how much you have, give or do for her, it will never be enough.

This message stuck with me, and I wondered if that is the reason why I have had so many failed relationships,

More often than non, I find myself in a 40 to 60% aggregate relationship, in which I am often the latter. So I begin to ponder, is it that I shouldn’t be having relationships yet or I just haven’t found the right lady who is willing to go above and beyond for me.

My friend ones told me that my predicament is attributed to lust and not love, “that I get too passinate and overzealous because of what I want”. But I beg to differ, I love to love, I love easily, pay me small attention and I am already falling for you, which in turn as lead me to suffer heartbreak from cheating girlfriend’s and girls who are in the “date a fine boy phase”. I do not deny that sometimes I do too get carried away by physical countenance, but really! what attracts a man to a woman if not her features.

I have come to realise that most young people in relationships are just in love with the idea of love, that when push comes to shove, the weaker party will always leave, either to a more attractive and naive girl or to a richer and ignorant guy.

I asked my much older friend why girls often leave love for money and he asked me bluntly, he said bowaleXO “would you advice your own sister to date/marry a poor guy?” and I replied “probably not”, and like one of those few times in my life, I had a moment of clarity, I realised despite the fact that we all want love, we also want security, consistency and stability a.k.a. “money”, for what is happiness (love) without money right?

You buy your child that new toy he/she as been craving for months, and suddenly a once moody child becomes more cheerful and happy, hence increasing the love he/she has for you. Note: you wouldn’t have been able to achieve that feat without money!

In light of all these! If you ever find a woman who as experienced the world, loves you for who you are and is contented with the kind of lifestyle you can provide for her, then I suggest you hold on tight to her, she is a keeper!!

I sang to her “it will rain by Bruno Mars” every night, to remind her of how much she would

To be Continued…

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Episode???

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