Tobi, Jimmy & I (Chaos)

Characters in the Play

Tinu: Main Character
Tobi: Tinu’s Ex
Jimmy: Tinu’s Ex

…One week later

Tinu’s POV
Finally, I decided to speak about my pregnancy with both Jimmy and Tobi. I was going to tell Tobi first when suddenly I received a call from Jimmy, I was surprised to see his call… “in all honesty I wasn’t surprised at all, I have been waiting anxiously for it”, but I just assumed he totally forget about me, since he never bothered to reach out to me after the weekend we spent together, I can’t help but think maybe he did all he did just so he could get with me one more time.

Jimmy called to say he had been having this strange feelings lately, like something is wrong, that he is worried about me and that he love to see with me as soon as possibly, just to be sure everything is fine, “Jimmy never gets worried about anything, but when he does, he becomes very erratic”, so I decided to see Jimmy first and also use the opportunity to tell him about his baby. So, I asked him to meet me at the ikeja mall by 6 pm in the evening.

Theme song: Whitney Houston – Heartbreak Hotel

…At the Mall

Jimmy: Hi Tinu! Thanks for coming out here to see me, it’s really good to see you again, you look good, I guess I was worried for nothing …I don’t know what do say but let me start by apologising for taking this long to call you, to be sincere, I got the vibe that you didn’t want to be with me anymore after we left the beach house, and I decided I no longer want to influence your life, so as to give you and your boyfriend a fair chance at a proper relationship.

Tinu: I’m pregnant Jimmy and it’s your child

[Tobi walks up behind Tinu & Jimmy]

Tobi: oh my God, I knew it! I knew you could never leave him for me, and I guess that was your goal all along, to get pregnant with his child, so you could have a good reason to leave me …well, let me save you the time and energy, it is over between you and I!! and congratulations on your pregnancy …I mean, you couldn’t even have the decency to tell me first, to think I have been trying to reach you all evening to tell you about my promotion at work, when I couldn’t reach you I decided to come out here to celebrate with my friends, I am disappointed in you Tinu, I am.

[Tobi Exeunt the Mall]

[Tinu Chases after him]

Tinu: Tobi please wait, I’m so sorry! I meant to tell you, I was actually going to tell you first, until, well until jimmy called this evening to say his was worried about me. Tobi am so sorry I never meant for this to happen, please forgive me.

[Tobi Enters his vehicle and drives off]

[Jimmy Joins Tinu]

Jimmy: Tinu I am so sorry…

Tinu: sorry, your not sorry, if you were sorry, you would never have cheated, you would never have strolled back into my life, now you have ruin the one good thing in my life, you are selfish Jimmy, all you think about is yourself, I wished I never met you Jimmy, I hate you, I hate you.

To be Continued…

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