A Menace called Badoo!

He creeps ever so swiftly into the home of his victims at night with only one intent, to murder his victims by bashing into the skull of his victims (children and parents) with something in resemblance to a mortar or something about the same size, shape and weight, he then wipes off the blood of his victims with a white handkerchief.

Well, so we have heard! no one has ever been attacked and lived long enough to tell the tale, most die instantly and others die on their way to the hospital unable to speak. We can only hope that non of us, our families and related ones, do not fall victim of this occultic ritual killer that goes by the name “Badoo”, going round Lagos state causing mayhem.

I heard a story of a man and his family who lives, well the man and his family used to live in the house, the house is currently in the market for sale. The man and his family lived in the town where the incident of the badoo killings was first reported, and ever since the emergency of the said badoo, he and his family stopped sleeping in their home at night.

One evening! on his way back from work, he called his wife to say, “he won’t be going with his wife and children to sleep at their church, that he would love to sleep in his house that he built, on his bed that he bought, badoo or no badoo”. So he did, while his wife and children went ahead to sleep at their church without him.

It was mid-night when he woke up to the sound of someone cutting open the gates to his house, instinctively he ran and hid himself in the manhole of his house, the badoo assailant got into his home minutes later and didn’t find anyone at home. He said he didn’t see any of their faces but he heard some of their chatter, he said they kept on rambling about how there was no one in the house, how that nights operation was a bust and whether or not they knew they were coming.

In the morning after they left, he noticed that nothing was missing in his house, it was then it dawned on him that the people who visited him at night where not thieves. He thanked his stars that his family did not decide to sleep with him in the house that night, as he wondered how he would have managed to fit him and his wife and childrem into the manhole on time without alerting the badoo assailant.

In light of all these, the Lagos state government and the Lagos state police department in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies in the state, have been doing a great job, trying to eradicate the badoo from our society, but I can’t help but wonder how arresting random people on the street due to indecent dressing will help stop the badoo killings.


I understand the extremity and peculiarity of the situation at hand, but I do not think rummaging round town, harassing random bike men and innocent bystanders will cut it. I know of a painter who was on his way back from a construction site, and was arrested because he looked unkept.

I think it is safe to say, that a badoo assailant will probably be held up in his hide out, not walking round town during the day time, just to get arrested, when he knows the police and other law enforcement agencies are on high alert.


On that note, the police should endeavour to please carry out proper investigations, before making arrests and embarrassing innocent people, the police should also try more to patrol the streets at night, so that the citizens of the state can can sleep well at night.


On behalf of all Lagos state citizens, I like to thank and commend the great work the Lagos state government and the Lagos state police department in collaboration with all other law enforcement agencies in the state are doing to curb this menace called badoo.


“The streets are safer and the people can sleep better at night, because we know our protection is your priority”



Copyright © 2017 by bowaleXO.
All Rights Reserved.


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