Finding Myself S01E12

I sang to her it will rain by Bruno Mars every night, to remind her how much she would hurt me, if she ever left me.

But as you would guess! that didn’t stop her from leaving me.

So, why don’t we all seat back and relax, as I take us through the journey of how my first heartbreak came to be.

The Beginning of the End
It was a sunny saturday afternoon and I was out with my girlfriend and some of my friends at a pool in Ikorodu. The day was going just fine until I received a text on my girlfriends phone while she was in the dressing room changing into her bathing suit, in the text the sender expressed his love for my girlfriend in ways I could never have imagined, I tried to stop myself from reading the other text messages on her phone, but I couldn’t help myself, I was filled with too much curiosity and rage, all at the same time, so I continued! But, between me and you, I wished I didn’t continue to read the other text messages on her phone, because what I saw on her phone just made me even more mad, “did you know that my supposed girlfriend, didn’t even keep one single text from me, all the messages on her phone were from a particular guy and that guy wasn’t me”

By the time she came out of the dressing room, I was already in the pool trying to act all cool and not think much about what I had just discovered, “she would have a good explanation, I said to myself”. When I could no longer wait, I confronted her about text messages on her phone, and ever so smoothly she replied, “the text messages are not for me”, my cousin used my phone to chat with her boyfriend, “huh! this girl must think am stupid, I thought to myself”. I think she did take me for a fool, because if she didn’t, she would have realised that maybe, just maybe, I might just have read one of the text message in which the sender clearly spells out my girlfriends name just after he expressed his love for her and she replied in kind.

Moving On
I was able to get the guys name, I also managed to get him to follow me on facebook, “and am sure most of us, if not all of us know what’s about to happen next”. Well, for the benefit of those who dont know, I stalked the leaving daylight out of the guy. I dont remember how, I was also able to get his mobile number. When I called him, I demanded that he leave my girlfriend alone amongst other things. Honestly,  I wished I never called him though, because from the way he talked and handle himself, you could tell he was much older and mature.

The phone conversation with him was rather one-sided, as he said things to me that where really hurtful to hear, things like “how would I feel, if he told me what he and my apparent girlfriend do behind close doors, he even went ahead to paint me a vivid image”, all the while my mouth was shut, and my eyes where filled with clouds of tears, I really can’t say which was more hurtful, the things he was saying to me or that he was using my mobile credit while he said all that he said.

I was so hurt that I decided to give up and accept defeat, but that was not before I threw my mobile phone against the wall and almost broke my laptop. After he stabbed me about one million times in the heart with his words, he went ahead to advise me to move on with my life.

In the End

The worst things in life comes easy to us

– Ed Sheearan

I decided to call my girlfriend on the phone to apologise for going through her text messages, that I believe the messages where not meant for her, that I now believe that the messages on her phone were for her cousin, “that I have come to realise that it was the devil’s handi work all along to try and seperate us” …Well, I’d hoped that she would fall back into my arms after my profound apology, but as you would guess again!! that didn’t work. She sighed before striking the final blow, “she broke off our relationship and told me never to call her number again”.

In my life! I have been punched in the face during a fight, I have broken my toes and leg on occasions playing football and I have been hit by a car twice, but I have never felt so much hurt, like the hurt I felt when she left me.

Like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, when she referred to the relation she had with the lead male actor as the Fuck of the Century, in my situation, it was the Heartbreak of the Century!!

They say what an old man sees sitting down, a young man cannot see standing up. My friends told me she was in the class “A Team”, but I didn’t believe, till she showed me.

We have come to the season finale of  Finding Myself S01, I hope you enjoyed every moment of it, cause I sure did.

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