Tobi, Jimmy & I (From Caterpillar to a Butterfly)

Characters in the Play

Tinu: Main Character
Jimmy: Tinu’s Present
Tobi: Tinu’s Ex
Bam: Tinu’s Best Friend
Tiwa & Femi: Tinu and Jimmy’s Children
Tobi’s Cute Baby Boy
Tobi’s Wife
The Ultrasound Doctor

Theme song: Dice Ailes – Ella

…Years Later

Jimmy’s POV
Tinu and I got married, Tinu’s pregnancy grew into a beautiful baby girl, and we called Tiwa, life couldn’t be more perfect.

The journey wasn’t easy though, Tinu shut me out after the incident that occurred at the bar where her ex Tobi broke up with her. Her friends Tina and Bam pleaded on my behalf but to na avail. Tinu blamed me, she blamed me for all the bad things that happened in her life, she cursed the day she met me, she swore I was never going to see either her or our baby again.

One faithful morning, I received a call from Bam, one of Tinu’s best friends telling me that Tinu had an appointment today at the hospital to determine the sex of our baby and that she thought I would love to know. I was so happy and I knew Tinu would still probably not want to see me, but it was a risk I was willing to take. I got the details of the hospital and time of appointment from Bam, I thanked her and I assured her that I would never forget the good deed she did for me.

Tinu’s POV
I got to the hospital by 4 pm for my ultra sound scan, and unlike the other days I have been to this hospital, today felt different, almost as if something is about to happen.

Two (2) mins into my ultrasound scan, I see Jimmy walk into the room, he had this pale, scared and apologetic look over his face, he walk up to my bed stand and stood still, he didn’t speak a word to me neither did I, “my friends say I have been too hard on him”, and I wondered if that’s the reason why I didn’t chase him away the very moment I saw him, I also wondered if the reason I didn’t chase him away was because I was ready to forgive him, “that thought scared me, as it was easier to hate him and it was easier to blame him”.

The doctor announced it was a baby girl and almost instanteously I felt a tear drop on my face, I looked up to see Jimmy crying and almost immediately he wipes the tear of his face, “I think it dawned on him at that moment that he was about to be a father”, I let him hold in a warm embrace, slowly and gently he whispers into my ear, “I am sorry for all the wrong I have caused you, I love you Tinu, I promised to be a good father to our child and a good husband to you if you will have me”


Dear Diary,
Today, I and Jimmy celebrate our ten (10) years wedding anniversary, with family, friends and our two (2) lovely children, Tiwa and Femi.

Tobi later forgave me for my indiscretions and moved on with his life. He is now married to one of his colleague from work, he also gave birth to his first child about two (2) years ago, “a cute baby boy”.

Diary, I couldn’t have chosen a better partner to spend the rest of my life with, Jimmy turned out to be a wonderful father to our children, Tiwa and Femi and a lovely husband to me.


The End

Hope you enjoyed reading Tobi, Jimmy & I (From Caterpillar to a Butterfly)???

We have come to the end of Tobi, Jimmy & I, I hope you enjoyed every moment of it, cause I sure did.

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