Black Life

There was a time, black lifes were sold in slavery to the highest bidder,

There came a time, black people were regarded as people not commodity and were allowed to live amongst the white community,

Now, we have black people everywhere and at the frontier of technological and health advancements.

But, isn’t it an irony though? That still, with all the innovations and technological strives black lifes have contributed to the betterment of the world, black people still seem to live under the shadow cast by the whites.

When a black man became the president of the leading country in the world, the black community and the rest of the world celebrated and worshiped him, as if to say he had just eradicated hunger and famine, created world peace and solved the problem of global warming.

What I am trying to say in essence is that, it as been established, that the white community has been awake for more than a millennia now, and the black community, well the black community has been asleep stuck in a cycle of culture and tradition, “the simple life”. But, I want to think the black community is awake now with individuals like Barack Obama “the first black african president of the United States”, Philip Emeagwali “the inventor of the fastest computer”, and Fela Anikulapo Kuti “the first Nigeria Grammy Nominee”, etc. who made and are still making waves in their various sectors.

So, I say to every black individual out there making a difference; know that you do not need anyone’s appraisal what so ever, be it black or white to validate yourself, all you need is you, your talent and your faith. Never forget how you started, and always remember why you started the great work you’re doing, “people will always surround you when you’re at the top, but they won’t be there to catch you if you fall”

The world is not meant for one person black or white, woman or man. The world was created for all to share, to live and to prosper, do not let anything or anyone stop your shine☄!!!

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9 thoughts on “Black Life”

  1. I really loved this post, you’re right the world was meant for all colors because when God looks at us, he doesn’t see you as Black or someone else as White. He sees us all the same, neither does he acknowledge us by our color. His love is unconditional and it doesn’t matter if you’re African-American, Caucasian, Mexican or Latina – if you’re willing to accept his love and even if you don’t. He still loves us all the same…as one body.

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  2. I agree with you that it’s extra difficult for black people to be successful in a “whiteman’s world”. The danger is, as you say, “Never forget how you started, and always remember why you started the great work you’re doing.” Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget. While I appreciate the hard work Barack Obama did to get where he got, I’m afraid he may have had to sacrifice too many of his ideals. Sometimes it may be better to let your little light shine in your own small corner of the universe.

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