My uncle was a humble and honest man, "one of the good ones" you might add. His moral compass was like no other and he lived his life on a principle, "to do no evil and to always be grateful for what you have". He was a mentor and confidant to most and a friend to all,… Continue reading COMMIT



It was the first time we kissed, "I really can't explain what happened", but I can paint you a vivid picture. "So gentle and tender her lips pressed against my lips, So kin and tender her hands ravaged through my hair, So passionate and tender her kiss sent chills down my spine, So cute and… Continue reading TENDER


I feel like a child once more, As I play with sweet words trying to get you to fall for me. Like an alien on the planet of love, It's almost like I have never felt this way before, You are intelligent, polished, and adorably cute, I have fallen for you, and I don't ever… Continue reading CATCHING FEELINGS


It was the year of the cold war 1957 "a war between good and evil, a war between  the Nigerian Army and the Boko-Haram Insurgents" My grandfather and his best friend had just been recruited into the Nigeria army (the anti-insurgent division), they were both excited and honoured to be fighting in the name of their… Continue reading UNIFORM