A Night to Remember

The rain that fell yesterday night was both Junoesque and Enigmatic, (and like a stormy rain the weather was cold and breezy) The breeze from the rain took me back to a time in the past when we were together, (a time when we were happy) The cold from the rain brought back memories, (memories… Continue reading A Night to Remember


I had a dream about you again!! Unlike the previous nights I dreamt about you, last night was really intense. I woke up from sleep "multiple times", in other to stop myself from continuously dreaming about you, only to go back to sleep minutes later to continue the dream from where I stopped the last… Continue reading Last-Nite

Who am I?

A Passenger of the night I am!! When I close my eyes to sleep at night, I am drifted into a vacuum of space where the concept time is non-existent, I find myself deep in thought, guided through a spirited journey with an unbreakable link. Sometimes, I dream about the past Sometimes, I dream about… Continue reading Who am I?