Finding Myself S01E12

I sang to her it will rain by Bruno Mars every night, to remind her how much she would hurt me, if she ever left me. But as you would guess! that didn't stop her from leaving me. So, why don't we all seat back and relax, as I take us through the journey of how… Continue reading Finding Myself S01E12


A Menace called Badoo!

He creeps ever so swiftly into the home of his victims at night with only one intent, to murder his victims by bashing into the skull of his victims (children and parents) with something in resemblance to a mortar or something about the same size, shape and weight, he then wipes off the blood of… Continue reading A Menace called Badoo!

Tobi, Jimmy & I (Chaos)

Characters in the Play Tinu: Main Character Tobi: Tinu’s Ex Jimmy: Tinu’s Ex ...One week later Tinu's POV Finally, I decided to speak about my pregnancy with both Jimmy and Tobi. I was going to tell Tobi first when suddenly I received a call from Jimmy, I was surprised to see his call... "in all… Continue reading Tobi, Jimmy & I (Chaos)

Finding Myself S01E11

She said to me, "bowaleXO! when the time is right, you will need to find yourself a woman who will love you more than you love her, and who will be willing to do almost anything for you", when I asked why, she continued by saying "so you can grow to love her just as much… Continue reading Finding Myself S01E11

Yay! It’s my Birthday😎 Every year, I anticipate the day of my birth, but when the day finally comes, I do not feel any different, no different from my last birthday, the eve of my birthday or any other day for that matter. I doubt this year will be any different, but regardless, I will be sure to… Continue reading Yay! It’s my Birthday😎

Tobi, Jimmy & I (The secret)

Characters in the Play Tinu: Main Character Tobi: Tinu’s Present Tina & Bam: Tinu’s Friend Theme song: The Weeknd - Secrets Tobi's POV It's been 5 weeks since Tinu told me about her infidelity with her ex Jimmy, although my relationship with Tinu is now back on track and she promised never to see Jimmy… Continue reading Tobi, Jimmy & I (The secret)

Finding Myself S01E10

I remember the first drama play I was in, it was titled "The Prodigal Son". From the name it denotes the acts of rebellion, mischief, selfishness etc. While the play was a success and it ended with a lot of applaud from teachers, parents, friends, graduating pupils and other pupils, I fear the act never left me.… Continue reading Finding Myself S01E10