Black Life

There was a time, black lifes were sold in slavery to the highest bidder, There came a time, black people were regarded as people not commodity and were allowed to live amongst the white community, Now, we have black people everywhere and at the frontier of technological and health advancements. But, isn't it an irony… Continue reading Black Life



Family is a group of persons who come from the same ancestors  (i.e. Adam & Eve). Family can be defined is several ways, so whether your defining family in relation to chemical characteristics "a closely related series of element or chemical compound",  or in relation to soil "a group of soils with similar chemical and… Continue reading Family

Basic Instinct

Not everyone was brought up with a silver spoon!! As a matter of fact, majority of Nigerian families are below bourgeois, so it's not surprising when children and youths gets easily pressured and intimidated to doing anything and everything to belong or feel among (Survive). Being aware of whats happening in one's environment, wanting to… Continue reading Basic Instinct