Finding Myself S01E11

She said to me, "bowaleXO! when the time is right, you will need to find yourself a woman who will love you more than you love her, and who will be willing to do almost anything for you", when I asked why, she continued by saying "so you can grow to love her just as much… Continue reading Finding Myself S01E11


Finding Myself S01E10

I remember the first drama play I was in, it was titled "The Prodigal Son". From the name it denotes the acts of rebellion, mischief, selfishness etc. While the play was a success and it ended with a lot of applaud from teachers, parents, friends, graduating pupils and other pupils, I fear the act never left me.… Continue reading Finding Myself S01E10

Tobi, Jimmy & I (Moment of Truth)

Characters in the Play Tinu: Main Character Jimmy: Tinu’s Ex Tobi: Tinu's Present Interior Design Crew Dear Dairy, The kiss was like Magic!! I let him pick me up and carry me back into the cottage and into the bedroom and he did it magisticaly. Tinu's POV The cottage was now lit with scented candles, Ed… Continue reading Tobi, Jimmy & I (Moment of Truth)

Finding Myself S01E09

A sight for sour eyes on any day or occassion and somewhat source of inspiration to some, "Women are beautiful creatures". My friend once told me "bowaleXO u like women a lot". True, I do like woman a lot!! I see the beauty in virtually every woman and I don't mean like, as in lusting… Continue reading Finding Myself S01E09

Tobi, Jimmy & I (Escapade)

Characters in the Play Tinu: Main Character Jimmy: Tinu’s Ex The Chef Theme song: Maleek Berry - Eko Miami Jimmy's POV Tinu called earlier today as I was leaving a client meeting to say she accepted my invitation for our weekend getaway, she did however lay down some ground rules: No shenanigans (innuendoes and/or hidden… Continue reading Tobi, Jimmy & I (Escapade)

Finding Myself S01E08

Registering and settling down into the camp was as stressful as you would expect, I didn't complete my registration until 6pm in the evening. The following morning was serious, as every Corp member woke up to the sound of the camp biegel around 5am, "at this point all the excitement in me had disappeared", who… Continue reading Finding Myself S01E08