Imagine if there was an object that could capture time, Imagine if time could be captured on a wall, a wood or even a piece of paper, Imagine if time could be looked at for all eternity, to serve as a reminder, reminding us of memories shared (eg. Happiness, hurt, love, heartbreak etc), and moments… Continue reading Photograph


Black Life

There was a time, black lifes were sold in slavery to the highest bidder, There came a time, black people were regarded as people not commodity and were allowed to live amongst the white community, Now, we have black people everywhere and at the frontier of technological and health advancements. But, isn't it an irony… Continue reading Black Life

Finding Myself S01E11

She said to me, "bowaleXO! when the time is right, you will need to find yourself a woman who will love you more than you love her, and who will be willing to do almost anything for you", when I asked why, she continued by saying "so you can grow to love her just as much… Continue reading Finding Myself S01E11

Finding Myself S01E08

Registering and settling down into the camp was as stressful as you would expect, I didn't complete my registration until 6pm in the evening. The following morning was serious, as every Corp member woke up to the sound of the camp biegel around 5am, "at this point all the excitement in me had disappeared", who… Continue reading Finding Myself S01E08


Family is a group of persons who come from the same ancestors  (i.e. Adam & Eve). Family can be defined is several ways, so whether your defining family in relation to chemical characteristics "a closely related series of element or chemical compound",  or in relation to soil "a group of soils with similar chemical and… Continue reading Family

Basic Instinct

Not everyone was brought up with a silver spoon!! As a matter of fact, majority of Nigerian families are below bourgeois, so it's not surprising when children and youths gets easily pressured and intimidated to doing anything and everything to belong or feel among (Survive). Being aware of whats happening in one's environment, wanting to… Continue reading Basic Instinct

Did you Know?

What do you see when you look at a Muslim? Do you see a Muslim as a religious and intelligent person proudly known for his fully-grown Beards, her elegant Hijab, or his/her slick Jalabiya, Do you see a Muslim only as a person with no morale code, allegedly known for causing world panic with bombs… Continue reading Did you Know?