Black Life

There was a time, black lifes were sold in slavery to the highest bidder, There came a time, black people were regarded as people not commodity and were allowed to live amongst the white community, Now, we have black people everywhere and at the frontier of technological and health advancements. But, isn't it an irony… Continue reading Black Life


Finding Myself S01E09

A sight for sour eyes on any day or occassion and somewhat source of inspiration to some, "Women are beautiful creatures". My friend once told me "bowaleXO u like women a lot". True, I do like woman a lot!! I see the beauty in virtually every woman and I don't mean like, as in lusting… Continue reading Finding Myself S01E09


Family is a group of persons who come from the same ancestors  (i.e. Adam & Eve). Family can be defined is several ways, so whether your defining family in relation to chemical characteristics "a closely related series of element or chemical compound",  or in relation to soil "a group of soils with similar chemical and… Continue reading Family

Purpose (Muslimin)

Bismillah Rahmanir Raheem. Have you ever felt like things are not going as you expect, Have you ever said to yourself "maybe Allah (SWT) is not listening to my prayers". Well, if u have! What you need to do is: Check yourself: Perhaps your not praying for the right things "maybe your prayer is coming… Continue reading Purpose (Muslimin)

Finding Myself S01E04

I got my act together and decided to go on the straight and narrow, then another turmoil hit me; my girl of over 2 years called to break off our relationship. My girlfriend now ex is a young, beautiful and intelligent lady. She is the image of a perfect girlfriend every younger guy dreams off,… Continue reading Finding Myself S01E04


It was the year of the cold war 1957 "a war between good and evil, a war between  the Nigerian Army and the Boko-Haram Insurgents" My grandfather and his best friend had just been recruited into the Nigeria army (the anti-insurgent division), they were both excited and honoured to be fighting in the name of their… Continue reading UNIFORM